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Nick van Scheindelen (guitar) – Stephan Brus (guitar) – Kevin Klaassen (vocals)

Soulnerve is a metal band from the eastern part of the Netherlands and was formed in 2004. Back in the days they gathered much attention in the local Dutch metal community as a powerful and solid metal act. After several years of playing many energetic live shows, the band went through some line-up changes and finally disbanded around 2008. A few years later, founding member Stephan Brus breathed new live in the band and took it to a new musical direction. An intense period of songwriting led to what they’d like to call Soulnerve 2.0; a developed and more polished version of the band that has discovered their own sound. Inspired by the best that music (and metal in general) has offered, Soulnerve takes its influences from a wide variety of styles to serve a fresh blend of modern thrash metal with a clear melodic touch. Although rooted in 80’s and 90’s thrash metal, the influences from The New Wave Of Thrash Metal and Gothenburg metal are evident and add refreshing and sometimes even progressive elements to their overall sound. With their self-released debut The Dying Light (2014) they have delivered a well-balanced album with tight and aggressive thrash songs, honest and melodic power ballads and everything in between.

Their first full-length is the result of writing, re-writing and shaping the ultimate melodies and memorable riffs. The Dying Light contains blistering leads, challenging drums, trembling breakdowns, catchy choruses and interesting hooks, molten into 10 melodic metal songs. The band took control of almost every facet of the album; from songwriting and recording to the whole production process, artwork and promotion. The Dying Light was very well received in the press in both Dutch and foreign Metal Magazines and E-zines.


This album reflects our passion for heavy music and is the result of dedicated musicians and their firm belief in the DIY-approach. Our goal was to come up with a versatile and solid debut album with no fillers, just killers. When it comes to songwriting we wanted to bring in as much contrast within songs and between tracks as possible and we like mixing the heavy stuff with melodic parts without trying to reap the benefits of nowadays trends in music. -SB 2014

To complete the recordings of the first album, Stephan teamed up with local musicians Kevin Klaassen (Scar7) and Koen Vroom (Ashes of Many) for respectively screams and clean vocals. The lyrical concept behind The Dying Light is all about humanity as an uncontrollable machine and the many aspects of our behavior that will finally lead us to our own demise. It’s also about the struggle of living in a society that hardens both emotionally and physically and where it’s sometimes hard to find a balance and stay focused on what really matters in life.

The Dying Light was mixed and mastered by Nico van Montfort at XPZ Sound Studios (known for working with Heidevolk and Caedere among others) and artwork was handled by Vroomedia. Marios Iliopoulos from Sweden-based melodic death metal legends Nightrage contributed with a guestlead on the song Scavengers. Soulnerve are currently looking for musicians to become a complete live act and are about to start writing the sophomore album.