The first reviews of our debut album are pretty cool!

“The musicianship is truly stellar and is what metal is supposed to sound like. With the vocals split between, Kevin Klaassan & Koen Vroom (clean vocals), I am impressed by how well their voices work together. This is a KILLER trio. “The Dying Light” is fast and furious from start to finish. I am now officially on the Soulnerve bandwagon, you should be too. If you like metal that makes your blood pump, your heart race and your devil horns raise, then “The Dying Light” from Soulnerve is an album you must have.”

9/10 – Brö Metäl (August 16, 2014)

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“It’s awesome to find such an exceptionally well written and produced album from a band that has gone about everything in the most DIY of fashions. Easy comparisons can be made to the likes of Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Opeth and Soilwork. Every track is so perfectly crafted and placed alongside one and other in the most complimentary and fluid of ways. “The Dying Light” really is a remarkably good full album, zero filler, not a moment wasted.”

8/10 – Metal Vendetta Magazine (July 31, 2014)

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Any magazine / e-zine who’s interested in doing an album review can contact us.

Soulnerve Metal Insider’s Amplified artist of the week!

We are this week’s Amplified artist on Metal Insider!
Thanks to Bram Teitelman for having us featured in their column.

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Soulnerve Amplified artist of the week at Metal Insider


Live interview on Metal Nation Radio

Next sunday Aug 17th Soulnerve will be doing a live interview on Metal Nation Radio with Cynfully Luscious (Audio Sauna).
Tune in at 11AM EST / 8AM PST on
United We Rock! \m/

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After a few years of working our asses off, we are happy to announce that our debut album “The Dying Light” is released today! Thanks Kevin Klaassen & Koen Vroom for sharing your voices to make this album possible!

Thanks to the following awesome people for their help:

Nico van Montfort for the mixing duties, Marios Iliopoulos of Nightrage for the awesome guestlead, Rik van der Lande, Tom Williams & Mehdi Vandecappelle for their contribution to the lyrics and Wouter Kamphuis & Charles Keijser ( for the bandpictures!

Available as CD & Digital download >> CLICK HERE TO ORDER or drop us an email at





New track online!

Tomorrow we will release “The Dying Light”.

Here’s another song from our upcoming debut album!

Please share the hell out of this piece of #thrash !