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All the reviews of our debut album are overwhelming so far!

Here’s an overview of the latest reviews:

“Professional in all aspects of recording, tones, production, cover art, and performance – “The Dying Light” could be a sleeper hit in the Melodic Thrash community. The New Wave of Thrash Metal, more modern-sounding, comes through on the chorus of the title cut, the TRIVIUM meets KILLSWITCH ENGAGE nature of “Scavengers” or the commercial-oriented riff/ melody match up during the majority of “Delirium (Forever Bound)”. On the other hand you have killer harmonies and timing at hand during the instrumental “Lost” that would meld the best of METALLICA and the early Gothenburg Metal scene (IN FLAMES, AT THE GATES) and the first song “They Come For Us All” has a lot of those jackhammer crushing chord combinations and uppity Thrash tempos that we’ve all known and loved since the early Bay Area 80’s.”

9/10 – Metal Temple (Greece)

“Sound moderno, più che altro in virtù dell’uso delle due voci, in linea con le ultime produzioni di scuola scandinava (Soilwork, In Flames) piuttosto che per la parte strumentale in linea con i dettami del thrash, nello specifico con una grande propensione per la melodia che rende le song piccoli gioielli metallici.
Il sound dei Soulnerve risulta cosi un buon connubio tra tradizione (Megadeth) e i suoni moderni di band come Shadows Fall e Trivium, con un occhio alle già citate band svedesi che, quando si parla di modern metal non possono mai essere dimenticate. The Dying Light è un lavoro da non lasciarsi sfuggire in quanto. Oltre ad una manciata di ottimi brani, ci consegna un musicista dallo smisurato talento. Questo alternarsi tra modernità e tradizione consente all’ascoltatore di non annoiarsi.”

8/10 -IYE Zine (Italy)

“Was für ein grandioses Spiel. Melodisch exzellent verpackt, den Schreigesang perfekt inszeniert. Kevin Klaassen und Koen Vroom haben sich wahrlich ein unfassbares Gefecht an den Mikros geleistet und den Sieg in bester Thrash Metal Manier souverän eingefahren. Mit Elementen des Metalcore und leichten Death Metal Einflüssen wurde das Spielfeld heute umgepflügt und in ein Schlachtfeld verwandelt. Extraklasse!”

8/10 -Zephyrs Odem (Germany)

“The Dying Light is now on the list of albums that have made me shit my pants multiple times (metaphorically of course), and that’s a very thin list. The vocals are certainly rooted in melodic but they have a definitive metalcore sound to them as well which just makes me all the more amazed because just the fact that Soulnerve has managed to combine all of these unique sub-genres and mold them flawlessly together into something fantastic is worthy of all the kings of every metal genre ever.”

-Headbanger Reviews (US)

“Soulnerve are a very decent sounding mixture of melodic death metal, thrash and metalcore and if you are a fan of these musical genres, you should check out this band.”

7.5/10 -Dark Underground Music (US)

“The Dying Light is een goed album, waarbij veel gewerkt is aan het bedenken van goede hooks,
lekkere riffs en geweldige drums. Het luistert goed weg en boeit tot het einde van het album
door de mooie productie en muzikale keuzes die gemaakt zijn. Het is melodisch, hard en fijn om naar te luisteren.
Leuk is ook de knipoog naar Shadows Fall, met het nummer My Demise.”

80/100 -Metal From NL (NL)

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